Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat Review

Is your child a beginner baseball player who is looking to enhance their playing strength and make a transition to adult bats? If so then will be you will be pleased when you finally hand him the Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat as it is everything he is dreaming of! It has a lovely feel, and its balance and weight measure up pretty well.

When you buy the 29 inch/16 ounce/-17 size, it will feel very light in your hands with the weight being let go off towards the far end.
Easton S300 Baseball Bat is commonly used by players who play in youth leagues where its 2 1/4 inches in diameter barrel is favorite. This sporting item you will not regret buying.
If your kid hates baseball bats that are unreasonably heavy and wants one that will enable him project speed and power, then this is what you should get him.

Who is this product designed for?

  • Youth League players
  • Senior League players
  • Recreational League players

Features Of Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat

Ultra-thin handle

Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bats review
Is your current bat way too thick for your comfortable handling? The 12 length-weight ratio coupled with performance diamond grip in 2018.

Easton baseball bat S300 is the hard connection between the barrel & handle, which results in a bat that’s not only solid but one that will make you feel better with every single swing.
One of the biggest advantages of this bat is that the vibration from when you mishit is absorbed way long before it ever reaches your hands.

7050 aircraft alloy

Does your child complain about how heavy his bat is? With the 7050 aircraft alloy to ensure strength, these Eston S300 Youth Bats are speed designed to assuring swing resistance is significantly low.
This design equips your bat with the ability to swing at a much faster speed as compared to other bats. This is groundbreaking transition technology that involves the strengthening of the link between the barrel, and the handle will give it a trampoline-like spring. You want your kid to live this experience.

All-Sports Grip

Are you and your kid tired of having your bats slip off your hands because of poorly designed grip surfaces? Worry no more for after proper research and designing, the Easton Youth Baseball Bat has been improved on and made in such a way that slipping does not happen.
Your kids grasp on this bat as he takes swings at baseballs will be strong and perfect as ever. This will no doubt add to the speed he will be able to generate as well as the power exerted on the ball.

Two-piece Connexion technology

Does your bat sound flat when you hit the ball? The Easton S300 Youth Baseball Bat is one of the very few in the market that is made to be 2-Piece Baseball Bat!
Its handle, its barrel, and its Socket Pivot Point will give you thinner walls thus ensuring that there’s more pop every time you hit a ball and much less weight for you to carry around.
This bat will enable you to focus more on your consistent performances rather than the pop.

Composite Barrel Technology

Does the vibration you feel from your bat traveling down to your hands cause you not to hit the ball the distance you know you can?
For maximum performance, the S300 Easton Youth Baseball Bat is made of IMXComposite which is in turn altered with the latest technology.
This technology allows the bat to have thin, strong graphite fibers adding much-needed strength and reducing the overall wall thickness making it more comfortable and more convenient for you to use.


  • It’s very lightweight
  • Meets Little League standards
  • Has that pop that you are looking for
  • The middle piece stops any vibration produced from traveling down to players hands


  • Color finish may fade over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the handle slippery?

A: No, the handle isn’t slippery

Q: Does this bat produce a pop when hitting a baseball?

A: Yes it does.

Final Verdict

The manufacturers of this bat were well aware of how vital the pop is to any baseball fan or player. It is with this in mind that the walls of this bat were made thinner ensuring that there’s more pop every time your child hits a ball and thus there’s much less weight for you and your kid to carry around.

Easton S300 Bat will go a long way that it was making sure that any child needs a little help with their bat speed gets it. You and your kid will instantly like this bat as soon as you buy it and he takes the first swing. You can make it to the baseball pitch and watch your kid hit through balls for fun.Hurry up, get it!