PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router Review

The Porter-Cable 690 LR 11AMP fixed base router is a power carpentry tool primarily used to make cuts on, as well as to rout out or create hollows on wooden work pieces. This router is a new addition to a long line of power carpentry tools by Porter-Cable. It is a very light tool, weighing approximately 8 pounds, which enables users to use it as a hand-held power tool.

Features An Specifications Of The Porter Cable 690 LR

  • This wood working router features an 11AMP motor capable of producing 1-3/4 horsepower. The precision-machines motor is able therefore able to produce enough power to sustain the operation of the router during most woodworking jobs.
  • This router also boasts of a single speed capable of up to 27,500 RPM or revolutions per minute.
  • The Porter Cable 690 LR also features a micrometer depth adjuster which guarantees a high level of accuracy when using the router for woodwork. The depth adjuster provides an accuracy of up to 1/128 inches.
  • Also featured in the Porter Cable 690 LR is a cam lock lever. This feature allows for coarse height adjustments to be made with great ease. It also makes it easier for the user to release the motor whenever there is need.

Pros Of The Porter Cable 690 LR Woodworking Router

This particular router is not popular without reason. It packs some great features which provide unique advantages bound to attract the attention of a large number of hobbyists. These advantages include;

  •  Durability: The mentioned router appeals to a large number of hobbyists thanks to its durability and efficiency among other great qualities. The router’s housing is made of aluminum thereby giving the router great structural strength. Due to the sturdy nature of aluminum metal, it is not very easy for the router to suffer physical damage or suffer wear and tear. Additionally, the lightweight nature of aluminum metal also works in favor of the Porter Cable 690 LR despite it being suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects.
  • Efficiency: The Porter Cable 690 is also a very efficient woodworking router. This efficiency derives from the fact that the router comes with a precision-machined motor base. Precision machining is an advanced. There is no doubt about the fact that precision machining provides greater efficiency as compared to other fabrication methods.
  • User-friendliness: The process of removing bit shanks from the router is not complex at all. This makes the router easier to use, especially for a newbie woodworking professional. Mastering the art of removing bit shanks from the Porter Cable 690 LR will not take a serious hobbyist much time or effort. In close relation to this is the fact that the router comes with ergonomic molded grips which ensure that the hobbyist does not suffer hand fatigue after using the router for an extended period of time.
  • Great warranty: Hobbyists will be glad to hear that the Porter Cable 690 LR comes with a 3 year warranty. The relatively long warranty period provided goes to further prove that the Porter Cable 690 LR is a worthwhile investment when looking for a woodworking router. A sub-standard router would not have such a generous warranty period.

Cons Of The Porter-Cable 690 LR

Even with all its great features, the Porter Cable 690 LR, just like all other wood router is not without its demerits. For one, this wood router does not seem to work very well when used with rails and stile bits. This is primarily because the Porter Cable 690 LR is a bit too small for a rail or a stile bit. The manufacturers seem to have overlooked the fact that a variable speed wood router is required for use with rails and stile bits. Closely related to this is the fact that the motor has to be removed every time that the user needs to change the bits. This can be quite cumbersome and can easily result in motor damage due to mishandling. On a lighter note though, thee process involved in the changing of bits is quite simple and often only involves the use of two wrenches. This should come as good news especially to hobbyists.

Another disadvantage of the Porter-Cable 690 LR is the fact that the location of the switch is not very convenient. The position of the switch makes it somewhat difficult to operate the router. However, this is not a technical problem and it does have no impact on the performance or the efficiency of the Porter Cable 690 LR router.


There is no reason why a carpenter, hobbyist or any other woodworker should not invest in the Porter Cable 690 LR 11AMP fixed base router. The mentioned drawbacks of this router are greatly over-shadowed by its positive features and the user can easily come up with ways to beat the mentioned drawbacks.