10 Foni Communities Barred From Selling at Kanfenda Junction

Businesses at Kanfenda junction came to a standstill following the February 19 confrontations between UDP and APRC supporters.

Petty traders who usually earn their living at this strategic junction, connecting the former president’s home village of Kanilai to the busy main high-way linking the capital, Banjul to the rest of the country are demanding justification for the decision.

They are demanding for justice to enable them carry on their businesses. An anonymous source within the community told us that the decision was rather unfortunate. “It’s a bad decision that has deprived us from our rights. We have been selling here for many years without any problem,” he said.

Despite the advances in modern trade, millions of people throughout the world still make their living partly or wholly through selling goods on the streets. This is particularly the case in Foni also. A vibrant array of petty traders used to sell fruit and vegetables among other items at Kanfenda junction for travelers to buy.

According to residents in the affected communities, Gambian authorities have decided to suspend the activities at the said junction for reason unknown to them.

Kanfenda is a small village in FoniKansala District of the West Coast Region. It’s a village that is playing host to a busy junction connecting Kanilai with the rest of other villages in Foni. Currently, more than nine communities namely;Kanfenda, Kanilai, Mandina, Bullunt, Bunyai, Nyantempo, Fass Charnon, Giramba, Sanghajor and JomoKunda converged to the junction for economic activities.

Our source further hinted that some of the affected women were now traveling all the way to Kalagie to sell their vegetables in order to sustain their families.

“They are going through difficult situation at the moment as sometimes they have to spend the night at Kalagi if they did not finish selling their produce,” our sources added.

Sources further disclosed that they have been following the issue for several occasion from the police but proved futile.

The public relations officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) Inspector Foday Conta, has confirmed that the police in the region and the people of Kanfenda have reached to an agreement that in a very short while, they would be allowed to continue on their business activities.

by Momodou Jawo



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