APRC Campaign Manager Condemns Tribal Politics

The campaign manager of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) party has strongly condemned tribal politics, reminding Gambians that President Jammeh, Babili Mansa was brought by Allah to develop the country for the benefit of all.

aprc-campaign-2Balla Garba Jahumpa alias Action Man, who is also the Minister of Works and Transport was speaking on Wednesday, during a meeting at Niani Wassu in the Central River Region as part of the ongoing nationwide tour by the Chairman and founder of the APRC party, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa.

According to him, President Jammeh’s administration has brought many life-changing developments in CRR in the last 22 years.

He promised the people that more development is in the offing for the region, revealing that the Laminkoto-Passimas road construction has just started.

From good road networks to uninterrupted electricity supply, quality and affordable health facilities to accessible and affordable education, Action Man urged the people of CRR and the entire Gambia to standby by President Jammeh and to massively vote for him come December 1st  Presidential election.

He also reminded the people of CRR how underdeveloped the region was before the advent of the 22nd July Revolution that was ushered to revolutionize and liberate the country and her people.

Voting for President Jammeh and the ruling APRC party, he said implies that people are voting for progress and development for the coming years.

by Alieu Ceesay &

Musa Ndow on Tour

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