APRC Militant’s Renewal of Loyalty for President Jammeh

The APRC militants have once again shown their loyalty to President Jammeh by storming the Supreme court in Banjul.

The supporters recognise the need to continue rallying support for their party leader, President Jammeh, who led them through the past 22 years, to exercise the cited constitutional provisions to defend the election petition lodged at the said Supreme Court.

Being the highest court of resort for Gambians, the supreme court has the jurisdiction under section 127 (1)(c) of the constitution to receive and preside over questions as to whether or not any person was validly elected to the Office of the President, which is exactly the case as the said election petition filed against the Independent Electoral Commission and that of the AG and Ministry of Justice for settlement of the current political impasse

The militants should be commended for their commitment to keep the peace throughout the convergence at the court and the solidarity match to the State House, filled with the desire to relay their support for the President and the party, all done with obedience to the laws of the land.

We have no doubt that such actions were drawn from the rights and responsibilities of every Gambians to promote and defend the sovereignty and territorial independence of our beloved motherland.

It’s therefore prudent and imperative for every Gambian and friends of The Gambia, to seek means to resolve the cited political impasse, for the fact that it’s the country on earth we can proudly call motherland and tighten our belts to defend it at all cost against enemies of peace and development.



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