Officer Commanding (OC) at the Barra Drug Law Enforcement Agency office Wednesday testified as prosecution witness in an alleged drug possession trial involving Lamin Bah before Magistrate Malafy at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court.


Lamin Sima identified himself to the court as a narcotics officer and said on 27th February, 2017; acting upon tip-off information about a drug peddler who was coming from Ginack village, he led a team of narcotics officers to intercept him. He narrated that an ambush was laid at a place call Dankular; an alleged crossing point for drug peddlers.
Officer Sima said that, they saw Mr. Bah coming towards them but he refused to listen to him (Sima) and ran into the sea when they tried to stop him. He said Mr. Bah was chased and apprehended with a white plastic gallon which was containing suspected cannabis wrapped in cement paper.
Sima further told the court that Mr. Bah was arrested and taken to the police station where he was charged with the offence committed. “I wrote my statement to the effect.”
During cross-examination, Sima maintained that the suspected cannabis was concealed in a brown cement paper and put in a white plastic gallon. Mr. Bah however, put it to Sima that, the cannabis was not in a cement paper, but in his own trousers.
Hearing continues on 27th April.


by Sainabou Jatta

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