Council of West African Churches Condemns ECOWAS Against President Jammeh


Group of religious leaders in West Africa has called on ECOWAS not to use any military means in Gambia.

Group under the banner Fellowship of Christians Council and Churches in West Africa (FECCIWA) in communication to head of ECOWAS said military intervention is not an option.

FECCIWA rejects the unconstitutional changes of government in Africa,” FECCIWA stated in a communication to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who heads ECOWAS.

West Africa Clergies further stated that diplomatic and inter religious dialogue with President Jammeh is the way forward.

“Religious leaders can help to take a lead role to fast track and secure tangible results in having crisis resolve,” the prelates stated.

The Christian group urged the people and Christian community of Gambia to exercise restraint and non-violence to keep the peace in the country.

“Our prayers are with the people of Gambia.”

“We have urged all peace loving people of The Gambia and members churches in The Gambia Christian Council to exercise restraint and non violence action to preserve stability in their country.”

Culled from: FrontPageAfrica


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