ECOMIG Commander Calls on Gambians To Have Trust In Their Forces

The commander of the ECOMIG Contingent Forces in The Gambia has called on the civil populace to have trust in their own forces, further highlighting the cardinal mandates of ECOMIG mission in the country.

“If we the ECOMIG Forces here built that trust in The Gambian Forces, I see no reason why Gambian population cannot trust their own forces,” he stated.
Col. Margeth Njie was speaking in an interview with journalists on Saturday at a day’s farming exercise, organised by the Fourth Battalion of The Gambia Armed Forces in Kanilai.
The exercise, which attracted a number of volunteers from Kanilai and its satellite villages, is further geared towards fostering civil-military relations in the Fonis.
“Part of our mandate as ECOMIG Forces is to work towards rebuilding confidence between local populace and members of The Gambia Armed Forces and this initiative is in line with that mandate. We are glad to come here and support our Gambian brothers in this very good initiative,” he stated.
The ECOMIG commander indicated that, they have more activities in the offing designed to reinforce cordial relations between the local populace and members of GAF.
The move, he went on, is the way it should be especially in a new dispensation.
“Because our deployment of forces here is in line with our objective of preserving peace, thereby allowing our elected leaders to fulfil their constitutional mandates,” he remarked.
Commenting on the ties between the two countries, Col. Njie described the ties between The Gambia and Senegal as something destined by God, citing that they shared many in common from culture to other areas.
He made reference to the fact that some of the officers currently at the helm of affairs in the country’s military forces also served during the period of the confederation.
“They were being trained together with the Senegalese Forces, so they have the same professional background and I am quite sure in the near future we will see the result,” he stated.
However, the ECOMIG commander stressed the need for members of The Gambia Armed Forces to stay away from politics, as stated by the country’s military Chief Kinteh in several platforms.
“What I have noticed on the grounds shows that Gambian forces are on right footings,” he stated.


by Sheriff Janko


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