Jammeh Announces Major Electricity Expansion for CRR North

The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh, Babili Mansa has announced that he will extend electricity supply to more villages in the rural Gambia at a meeting in Wassu village on Wednesday afternoon on day 3 of his 2016 nationwide tour.jammeh-anounces-1

During the meeting, President Jammeh said if the Almighty Allah grants him his wish and desires, he would provide the whole country with electricity; something he said, would surely happen but only have to be a matter of time. He said his government would continue to provide everything needed to improve the lives of Gambians by the grace of the Almighty Allah.

The Gambia may be geographically small but politically it is a giant. Gambians today are brave to challenge the future with all that it holds. Gone are days when people fear what change will bring when The Gambia discontinues her ties with institutions of self-aggrandizement whose only benefit is to remind Gambians of the hazards of slavery, colonialism and 400 years of looting.

jammeh-anounces-3President Jammeh made it clear to the gathering that he was not making the announcement because of the upcoming election, saying he is not a politician; that he was chosen by Allah to lead this country.

One does not have to be a genius or be at the helm of political affairs to be able to point out the achievements of the July 22nd Revolution and speak about them with authority. There is no contradiction to say that 22nd July 1994 marks the beginning of real independence and rebirth of a modern Gambia.


“Insha-Allah by 2020, I would travel the whole country and no region would have anything to demand from me because by then we would address all that they demanded for development,” he told the Wassu meeting in Niani District of the Central River Region.


by Musa Ndow &

Alieu Ceesay on Tour

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