National Capacity Building Workshop for Scaling up Good Practice Kicks Off



The West African Health Organisation (WAHO) in collaboration with the Reproductive and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Monday began a five days national capacity building workshop for scaling up good practice (Kaabilo Baama) at a hotel in Kololi.

It could be recalled that during a post forum visit organised by WAHO in Banjul in 2016, the National Selected Kaabilo Baama initiative was a good practice for reducing maternal and child mortality as a good practice for scaling up.
WAHO agreed to support the conduct of a national capacity building workshop for scaling up Kaabilo Baama initiative in The Gambia. The overall objective of this workshop was to strengthen the capacities of the National Committee Members and other relevant national actors in the replication of scaling up of priority good practices.
The workshop is also expected to equip national committee/participants with relevant information on the methodology for scaling up good practice and to mobilize technical and financial partners to support implementation of planned interventions among others.
Speaking at the forum, Janko Jimbara, deputy permanent secretary for Technical at the Ministry of Health and WHO focal person, stated that even though The Gambia has reduced maternal mortality they should not be complacent.
He urged the participants to scale up the good practice of the Kaabilo Baama initiative which is piloted in The Gambia, noting that since the start of the initiative it has registered a great success in the communities.
Fatou Kinteh of UNFPA Gambia Office, said that the Kaabilo Baama is an initiative of UNFPA and was piloted in 14 villages in Kiang in 2014 and they have worked with BAFROW.
She pointed out that the initiative has encouraged men to accompanied women to the facilities.
Kinteh noted that the initiative provides transport fares for women to visit facilities and avoid untimely delay, saying men’s involvement has increased and it is as a result of the initiative.
She described the meeting as timely, adding that at the level of the UNFPA, they have piloted the initiative and will continue to work with the Ministry of Health and partners to reduce maternal mortality.
Dr. Yves Mongbo, WHO professional officer for WAHO said this is the third time that WAHO has been supporting The Gambia to scale up, noting that The Gambia will develop a good plan to scale up good practices to reduce maternal mortality in the country.
He thanked Ministry of Health for hosting such an important event in The Gambia.



by Momodou Faal



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