Never Give Up if You Want to Succeed in Business, Says Pakistani Businessman

A Pakistani national, raised in Canada has called on those aspiring to do business to never give up in their attempts despite unforeseen failures they may be entangled in.


Com Mirza, who was presenting at a business lecture session organized by Vision International at a hotel in Kololi, on Tuesday, said in life, one is bound to face challenges, but that such challenges may be hard but could lead to successes.
He encouraged those facing similar challenges never to give up, saying he succeeded in establishing companies that are operating in Africa and around the world, because he did not give up.
“To enhance sustainable good business venture, he opined that there is need for unity, team work and defining one’s dreams,” he added.
Giving his business profile, Mirza recounted that before succeeding in making business, he attempted and failed nine times, but finally made it because he did not give up.
Despite repeated failures, he went on, he believed in himself that he could make it, and now established many companies with his brothers.
As a high school dropout, Mirza, maintained that he
had interest in doing business, rather than going to school, pointing out that he used to dodge out of school to do business, as he had no hope going to school.
According to him, his experience in school was that whatever they said didn’t happen, and in practicing business, whatever they say happens.
He said that he had noticed that the books his teachers used were outdated, and therefore, were not in line with the realities in life.
Also speaking at the ceremony, Modou Sarr, Content’s manager editor-in-chief, said they started operating as small business in a small room.
He explained that they have developed and expanded since then, employed more staff and are organising lectures with a view to forging ahead in their business development activities.

by Madi S. Njie

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