President Jammeh Salutes CRR Women

The  Gambian leader and chairman of the ruling APRC Party, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa has saluted the women and children of the Central River Region (CRR) for being devoted Muslims, God-fearing and hardworking Gambians.

president-jammeh-salutesSpeaking at a meeting at CRR’s administrative capital, Janjangbureh on Wednesday night, President Jammeh told thousands of cheering crowd that, “I can stand anywhere and confess that you; the people of CRR are devoted Muslims and my wish is to see all Gambians in paradise in the hereafter. Thank you women of CRR and May Allah reward all of you,” the peace loving and caring President prayed.

He commended the people of the region for the exemplary unity they have demonstrated among them and encouraged them to keep the spirit, while describing any form of tribalism as ungodly.

Renewing his commitment to the advancement and development of the country, the Gambian leader said he is not looking for wealth or popularity but want to prove to the entire world that Africans can take care of themselves.

He pledged to bring more developments in the country, in the not too far distance future, vowing that slowly but surely, time will come when Gambians will have nothing to request from him.

As a devoted Muslim himself, President Jammeh reminded the crowd that his leadership and destiny lies entirely in the hands of Almighty Allah on whose guidance and provision  he continues to develop the country.

President Jammeh said a lot have been achieved in the last 22 years, much to the disbelieve of many including Western powers, who doubted the future of his government at the dawn of the July 22nd Revolution. “Time will come people will leave the West to come and find work in our country,” the architect of the glorious 22nd July Revolution informed the crowd.

The famous Sankulay Kunda Bridge is one of the landmark achievements registered by the Jammeh administration in CRR. President Jammeh said when he made the declaration that he was going to bridge the river, many people like the opposition said he was only making a political statement because they thought it was not going to happen considering all that is associated with the crossing point.

He said among the few people who believed in him at the time were the chief of Janjangbureh, Bakary Jam Jawo and one Late Pa Sulayman Hydara, who was accorded a minute of prayer at the meeting.

President Jammeh also used the meeting to urge Gambians to go out and vote in the upcoming polls.

Out of generosity, the President gave D1-Million Dalasis to the school children of the schools that were at the Janjangbureh meeting.

Speaking earlier, Dr Fatou Lamin Faye, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education thanked the people of Janjangbureh for the rousing welcome they accorded to the President and delegation.

The Basic Education minister urged the students to make best use of the opportunities created by the Jammeh administration, noting that education is now affordable and accessible like never before. She encouraged parents to enroll and retain their children in school, especially the girl-child.

Benjamin Roberts, Minister of Tourism and Culture, who also doubles as the APRC liaison officer for CRR, advised people not to listen to detractors who, he said, are bent on destroying the ongoing development of the country.

He revealed that the Gambia Government, through The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) is working to procure a new ferry for the Janjangbureh-Laminkoto crossing point.

Balla Garba Jahumpa, Minister of Works and Transport, who is also the APRC Campaign Manager, reminded the people of Janjangbureh and the entire CRR that President Jammeh is the man who can lead the country. He advised them to vote massively for the party.

Chief Bakary Jam Jawo of Janjangbureh highlighted the numerous developments that the APRC government brought to Janjangbureh, from education to health, agriculture to infrastructural development.

Chief Jawo equally thanked President Jammeh for delivering on his promise by constructing the Sankulay Kunda Bridge.

Lady Councilor, Aja Yama Manneh assured President Jammeh that the women of CRR will forever remain behind him and assured that they are going to vote massively for him come December polls.

“President Jammeh has wholeheartedly worked for this country and Gambian women are going to reciprocate his gesture in this election. You are our diamond and we will continue to treasure you,” she said.

She thanked The Gambian leader for providing them with electricity, portable drinking water as well as alleviating them from poverty.

Alhaji Omar Mambureh, a youth mobilizer in the region recounted on the numerous difficulties they encountered before the bridging  of Sankulay Kunda crossing point.

According to him, Gambians need to keep their votes safe and go out on the election day to vote for the progressive party and leader.

Hon. Ebrima Sarjo, National Assembly Member for Janjangbureh Constituency and Alhaji Babou Jobe, the region’s APRC chairman, both assured President Jammeh of a 100% victory.

by Alieu Ceesay &

Musa Ndow on Tour

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