State Opening Of The National Assembly

This year’s state opening of the National Assembly’s Legislative session will find a comfortable seat in the historical records of the country. It is a constitutionally sanctioned annual event that often attracts thousands both within and outside the country.

This year’s event is unique and historic for the fact that, it’s the first such state opening of the legislative house since the current president assumed power in December 2016.

The annual presidential tradition is provided under section 77 (1) of the 1997 Constitution of the Gambia, requiring the president to, at least, once in a year attend the sitting of the National Assembly and address the nation, through the said session on policies, programmes and objectives of the Government.

This has been the tradition in the Gambia since attainment of independence on 18th February 1965 under the first republic presided over by President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara.

Yesterday’s event is described by many as successful in terms of attendance from diplomatic community, government officials, supporters, friends and well wishers of the coalition led government. It is also said to have held a strong sense of hope for all Gambians and none Gambians alike, under the new found democratic dispensation.

Therefore, while assuring the new leadership of our continued support, towards the sustainable development objectives of the country, we hope and pray for the successful implementation of the outlined policies and programmes of the government for the interest and welfare of all.




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