Taking a Lead Role in Peace Is Our Priority


President Barrow and his predecessors have repeatedly called for the maintenance of peace and security throughout the country; and therefore, these calls need be heeded to, for a peace loving-Gambia is a peace loving Africa – based on its track record of undiluted peace.
In fact, efforts to make this country crime-free by the leadership, both the present and past are an open secret; complementing such efforts must be a continuous task in order to remain as the Smiling Coast of the continent.
It should be noted that the police cannot be left to do it alone. To make the country crime-free requires the cooperation of everyone.
Of course, we need not reiterate here that in every human society, there exist principles by which the people operate, conducting themselves in line with some specific moral norms and values. In this modern era, nation states are guided by a supreme document called the constitution.
This serves as a reference for citizens and non-citizens alike. It is codified to be respected, so actions that contradict the Constitution are criminal and deserve punishment according to its dictates. This is why the state provides for the establishment of institutions such as the judiciary to interpret laws to the understanding of every individual, and administer its enforcement, as ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
The fundamental point to note here, is that the role of the state is to administer justice among people who manage their own affairs. This clearly shows that every individual has some form of freedom, but that freedom must not encroach upon the freedom of another. One’s right to survival must not encroach upon another person’s right to security.
The Gambia is a country known for its hospitality and we must not on any account allow anyone to threaten the peace and stability we have been enjoying for so long. The Constitution is the supreme document of our country. It has set down principles by which we should conduct ourselves. Therefore, any person or group of people who put themselves above these principles are performing acts of criminality and should be punished.
The police are exhausting all efforts within their capability to track down unscrupulous elements in our society. The cooperation of the patriotic citizenry is crucial in the work of the police. A progressive nation is backed by a progressive populace. We should all perform our duties and responsibilities as citizens of the state.

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